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As North Korea And US Heads Barter ‘War Words’, Lets See Their Wives’ Positions In All These..

As President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un trade words, vowing to annihilate each other with atomic weapons, the two men’s spouses have had considerably less to say in regards to the approaching fate their husbands have guaranteed.

A solid convention exists in the U.S. of presidents showing up in the general population eye with their spouses and Trump is absolutely no exemption. While rumors wag as regards the private nature of the connection between the 71-year-old Republican and his 47-year-old spouse, Melania, she has regularly went with the president. Even when she declines to hold his hand.

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Byard, who much of the time censures the Trump online, says the main woman could turn into a basic representative against harassment, however maybe not in the way she does it.

“The most capable lever for change available to her will be her capacity to persuade the president himself that he should show others how decorum is applied,” she says.

It’s conceivable that the Melania has officially attempted this strategy — and fizzled. Perhaps she’s taken this open position as a method for revoking her husband’s conduct. That appears to be more outlandish, nonetheless, given her past remarks advocating the president’s conduct if it’s in light of an apparent assault.

North Korea’s ruling family, however, has been far less forthcoming about the romantic relationships of its leaders, and the dynasty’s newest leader is actually the first to bring his partner, Ri Sol Ju, into the immense spotlight shone by the country on its supreme leader.

Still, very little is known for sure about “Comrade” Ri. She’s believed to be a few years younger than her 33-year-old husband and was first revealed to be Kim’s wife by North Korea’s state-run media in July 2012, days after previously appearing beside Kim at a concert held for the upper echelons of North Korean society and among officials at what would later prove to be her father-in-law’s funeral in 2011. Ri’s sudden, unannounced presence next to Kim prompted mass speculation about her identity in foreign media, and while many questions remain unanswered, experts have done their best to paint a biographical picture of North Korea’s first lady.



Prior to marrying Kim Jong Un around 2009 or 2010, Ri was a professional cheerleader for North Korea’s sports teams and she traveled abroad to Japan and South Korea to support players at international events, according to Micheal Madden, founder of North Korea Leadership Watch and frequent contributor to 38 North, a project of the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies.



“There’s this idea of a North Korean dream, and Kim Jong Un being the creator of this dream and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, being essentially the face of this dream,” Park added. “This type of dynamic is sort of an analogy for the future of North Korea overall.”

GettyImages-845050874 North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (center row 2nd L) and his wife Ri Sol Ju (centre row L) attending an art performance dedicated to nuclear scientists and technicians following the country’s largest nuclear test. Ri has appeared beside the young North Korean leader at a number of high-profile events, but has also disappeared from the public eye for months at a time.

Kim and Trump may share an affinity for name-calling and nuclear weapons, but their similarities don’t seem to extend far past that. Trump, the oldest person to ever be elected president in the U.S., has found great difficulty connecting with the youth and won over voters with slogans evoking a nostalgic image of the country’s past, something North Korea has excelled at as well.

Kim’s decision to introduce Ri was likely no coincidence, either. In keeping with Park’s Camelot analogy, Madden said that some North Koreans went out of their way to dress like Ri in 2013, a period he describes as her “heyday” when she was most frequently seen.

“Kim Jong Un is one of those millennials. He’s very clever and very subtle.” “He’s a good dad and has a beautiful family, reports reveal.  North Korean state media has never revealed Kim and Ri to have had any children, but former basketball star and pseudo-U.S. ambassador Dennis Rodman said he held an infant Kim Ju Ae after his second trip to North Korea in September 2013.



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