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As Mysterious As The Bermuda’s Triangle Is, Dangerous Island Appears Suddenly In The Middle Of It

A new island has formed in the Bermuda Triangle, but people are being told to stay away.

Nicknamed Shelly Island by locals because of the large number of shells on it, the mile-long sand bank appeared over the last couple of months.

Dangerous mystery island appears suddenly in the Bermuda Triangle
This picture was taken of the new sandbar from a drone

The island is off Cape Point in North Carolina and is becoming something of an attraction.

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Janice Regan visited Cape Hatteras point with her grandson Caleb for Memorial Day.

She told PilotOnline: ‘Yeah, isn’t it crazy? It was just a little bump in April.

However people are being told to stay away because of strong currents in the gap separating the sandbank from the mainland.



Scientists may have just solved the Bermuda Triangle
As this picture shows, islands have formed off Cape Point
The distance between the two is just 50 yards, but the riptides are said to be incredibly strong.

And there are sharks.

Bill Smith, president of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association, said: ‘We’re worried about shark bites, but we’re more worried about drownings.’

But some have made it across, including Travis Phillips who said that he loves the island ‘thats’ where all the shells are’.

His friend Madalyn Eads waited for him on the safety of the mainland and watched him to make sure he could get across safely.

The future of the island is not clear. The sandbank could continue to grow and form part of Cape Point, or it could vanish as quickly as it appeared.



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