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As Coronavirus Cases Rise Rapidly, Namibian Government Warns Against Elephant Dung ’Cure’

Namibia warns on elephant dung virus cure | The Ararat Advertiser ...

The Namibian government is warning its citizens not to trust claims on social media that elephant dung can cure Covid-19, as coronavirus infections rise more rapidly.

Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism spokesman, Romeo Muyunda, told Reuters the government had observed that elephant dung was increasingly being touted as a Covid-19 cure.

“We have seen on social media people selling elephant dung at exorbitant prices. There is a whole hype around it,” he said.


Health Minister Kalumbi Shangula said Covid-19 currently has no known cure.

“If anybody claims as such, it must be treated as a false claim,” he told The Namibian newspaper.

Some traditional healers say elephant dung has healing properties including for treating headaches, toothaches and blocked sinuses, but claiming it can cure Covid-19 is a new trend.

The southwest African nation, which initially won praise for containing the spread of the coronavirus, is now seeing a much faster increase in new infections.

Its capital Windhoek recently overtook harbour town Walvis Bay as the virus’s epicentre, and it now has 4 344 confirmed cases and 36 deaths, according to the latest official tally.


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