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“Arrest The President”: Ice Cube Takes A Dig At Donald Trump In New Song

Ice Cube [Photo: Courtesy]


In the track out of his upcoming album “Everythang’s Corrupt,” Cube raps, “Let’s meet at the White House, run in and turn the lights out, they treat it like a trap house…. Arrest the president, you got the evidence, that ni**a is Russian intelligence (Okay).”


He posted a sneak preview of the song on November 6. A perfect timing for the hard-hitting rapper to send a message to the world’s most powerful man during the US midterm elections.

The West Coast rapper is no fan of Trump and tweeted in 2016 that, “I will never endorse a m*****cka like Donald Trump! EVER!!!”

President Donald Trump has not responded to the song.

“Everythang’s Corrupt” has generated quite a buzz and will be Cube’s 10th release as a solo artist.

The album will be out on December 7.


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