Armenian Artist Sells Her Eggs As An NFT At Art Basel


42-year-old Armenian artist, Narine Arakelian is selling her eggs as an NFT at the Art Basel Miami Beach.


Arakelian disclosed that her first NFT will be a painting entitled “Live”, which will include an embedded contract promising one of her eggs to the buyer. NFTs or non-fungible tokens, are a type of digital art form, created and verified as a unique artwork with blockchain authentication and bought and sold using cryptocurrency.



Arakelian says she fully expects the person who buys the NFT to conceive a child from her egg, adding that she hopes it will be bought by a couple who have had trouble conceiving.


She said;


“I am so happy to bring a child into the world through my artwork. It’s a beautiful act of creativity to give the gift of art and life.

“My artworks are all my children and the fact this one will actually produce a child is wonderful. The art will always mean so much to the buyer because it brought them their child! It will always carry that special memory.”


Arakelian also clarified that “the child will be a child once they are born, not a piece of art.”


Arakelian is a Siberian-born Armenian artist who splits her time between Los Angeles and Moscow. She graduated from the State Surikov Institute, Moscow in 2015 then completed a year-long internship at the Digital Arts Department at the Los Angeles Academy of Art.


She has been exhibiting a triptych titled “Love, Hope, Live” at Art Miami, one of the satellite fairs around the prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach. She will create the NFT from the “Live” portion of the painting.


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