‘Aren’t You All Supposed to be at Work Right Now?’: Obama Teases Fans on Visit to SF


Barack Obama seems to have rock star status in San Francisco.

A crowd of up to 100 cheering people gathered outside to catch glimpse of the former U.S. president as he was leaving the Airbnb offices.

“He came out and everybody started screaming,” says Demarris Evans, an attorney with the San Francisco Public Defender’s office, who happened to be walking by at the time. “He sort of pauses, looks around, he waves. He looks around again, and then he says, ‘Aren’t you all supposed to be at work right now?'”

“It was hilarious this total icon,” Evans adds. “And then he says something so normal. It just shows why people love him so much.”


Initial reports on Obama’s trip stated he was visiting the Adobe offices, but he was later seen at Airbnb headquarters.

Airbnb confirms that Obama visited the offices Thursday and said in a statement he was invited by the CEO Brian Chesky to participate in a discussion.

“President Obama and Brian have a relationship going back to 2015, when Brian was named a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship,” the statement reads.

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