Are You Feeling Lost and Unfulfilled? See Why It is Never Too Late to Do Something Great!

Everyone wants to make great things happen around them. Everyone including you, wants to make money and be successful however sometimes things don’t go the way you’ve planned plan and you may feel completely lost. Find out why it is never too late for you to make it.

Do you sometimes feel lost in life?

Like every time you’re turning a new corner, beginning a new chapter, you find out it’s still not what you were looking for?

Are you afraid you might never be successful, because your life and career feel like a maze?

Don’t be! Let this infographic from Funders and Founders show you that it’s okay to take an indirect path to success.

In 2011, German game developer, Andreas Illiger, released a mini game on the iTunes App Store, called Tiny Wings.

The game was fun, upbeat and apparently so addictive that it dominated the App Store charts for months. At $0.99 it generated over 10 million downloads to date, making the 20-something developer a millionaire.

Hearing these kinds of stories will make you feel bad about yourself, just because you wonder: “Why do I feel so lost?”

Well, guess who else felt a little lost once?

Mark Cuban.

Cuban is the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, so it’s hard to believe that at 25 years old, he was working as a bartender, housing in a 3 bedroom apartment with 5 friends, living off beer and happy hour food with all his clothes in one big pile on the floor.

Luckily, Anna Vital from Funders and Founders has compiled his and 11 other stories into this one, beautiful infographic.

Success is not achieved in a straight line. It never is.

Andreas Illiger had been coding for many years before he landed his first big hit.

Harrison Ford, famous face of Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy (and now in part 7 of the series at age 73!) and Indiana Jones, was working as a carpenter until 30 years old.

I bet he didn’t think he’d ever get his big break either.

Then there’s J.K. Rowling, until 31 she was a single mum on welfare, who’s now the first ever billionaire author, after creating the Harry Potter series.

Even at 50 years old, you could still be wandering through life and not have arrived at your destination yet, asRay Kroc perfectly proves.

The man who grew McDonalds to serving 68 million people around the globe every single day sold paper cups and milkshake mixers until he was 52 years old, before he franchised the McDonald’s concept.

If you feel lost in life right now, remember that the path to success is always complicated, with many twists and turns, not all of which might make sense today.

But you can’t give up.

One day, you will look back on everything you’ve done and see how it all added up to your success.

For now, just keep wandering, because as J. R. R. Tolkien said: “Not all those who wander are lost“.

Tolkien is the author of The Lord of the Rings, the second-best selling novel of all time.

He published it when he was 63 years old.

– Via Life Hack

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