APPLY: Ericsson Sub-Saharan African Innovation Award- Innovations that Impact the Future of Food 2016 ($USD 10,000 Cash Prize)

The Ericsson sub-Saharan Africa Innovation Awards 2016 is a competition looking for the latest innovations in the future of food. Sub-Saharan Africa faces a rapidly growing population and as a result, food production will need to increase significantly. We encourage young innovators and start-ups to use this opportunity to make a real difference by using technology and ICT to make a positive contribution towards sustainability in the food sector in sub-Saharan Africa


  • Grand prize $10,000


  • How well the innovation addresses the theme “The Future of Food”. What specific problem is stated and how does the innovation solve this problem in a unique manner?
  • The impact of the innovation on sustainability levels/ how socially responsible is the innovation.
  • How well the team members have collaborated – teams with members from different universities, fields of study, backgrounds and nationalities will have an edge in the jury process.
  • The level of scalability of the innovation to be deployed in different markets or user segments (consumers and/ or organisations). This includes the reach of the innovation (global, regional, local).
  • The financial implication of the innovation. The financial analysis in the business case should verify this. Does the innovation generate revenue or will it be used for cost reduction?.

DEADLINE: October 31 2016

To apply and for more information visit here



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