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Apple’s New iPhones in 2019 Reportedly Won’t Include a Type of Charger that’s Become Standard on Android Phones

The iPhones that Apple will release in 2019 will come with the same old 5W charging brick that Apple has included with its iPhones for years, according to Japanese Apple blog, MacOtakara .

That means the 2019 Apple iPhones won’t come with fast-charging bricks, which have essentially become standard on several Android devices from several Android phone makers. These days, Apple’s 5W iPhone charging brick looks slow and outdated compared to the competition.

If the details in MacOtakara’s report are accurate, it means that 2019 iPhone users will need to buy fast-charging bricks as separate accessories if they want to take advantage of faster charging speeds. Anyone who has already bought fast-charging bricks for their iPhone 8 or newer iPhones will likely still be able to use them for Apple’s 2019 crop of iPhones.


MacOtakara’s report also claims that Apple’s 2019 iPhones will still come a regular USB-A-to-Lightning cable, which suggests two things:

1. Apple may not be replacing its proprietary Lightning port and cable with USB-C for charging iPhones in 2019 after all. Recent rumors have suggested that Apple’s 2019 iPhones will switch over from Lightning to USB-C ports.

2. You still won’t be able to connect Apple’s iPhones directly to any recent Mac laptop for charging or transferring data, as the included charging cable still uses the regular USB-A port while Apple’s recent laptops only come with USB-C ports. You’ll still need an adapter to connect Apple’s iPhones to Apple’s recent laptops.

It’s still early days for 2019 iPhone rumors, and a lot can change between now and September, when Apple typically announces new iPhones.


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