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“Apple’s iPhone Face ID Technology Could Possibly Be Used To Enslave Humanity” -Jim Carrey Argues

Jim Carrey argues that Apple’s iPhone Face ID technology could possibly – and extremely easily – be used to “enslave humanity”.

The famous comic actor recently made a bizarre appearance in various interviews as he speaks of words that the masses can not understand because they are deeply asleep and brainwashed.

Carrey went on to say that Face ID is only the “last step towards total surveillance”. Once again, anyone who has read George Orwell’s novel in 1984 in detail should be able to imagine exactly what he is talking about.

In fact, this type of surveillance technology has been around for years – and it’s not just the FBI, the CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security that have used it. Employers use similar tools to monitor employees’ work habits, but also to monitor and determine consumption patterns (among others).

According to the actor, Apple’s latest product, Iphone X, is designed primarily to enslave people and steal their information by replacing Touch ID with Face ID, a feature that helps users unlock their device using their own face.

It is the Face ID feature that makes the actor think that the Illuminati collect information and store it in a large database so that they can perform machine-learning data analysis on humans on this planet.


The iPhone 10 uses tiny cameras that scan your face. This means that only the registered owner will be able to unlock and use the smartphone by looking at it.

The unique facial scan of each iPhone user will be stored on Apple’s servers. That’s why some people think it’s an intrusion into privacy.

The movie star had an interview this month, where he first circled an E! Journalist several times, before answering his questions with some philosophical statements. He said that there are only things that go on as well as groups of tetrahedra moving together.

Apple’s new Face ID technology, according to Carrey, will fall into the wrong hands and pose a huge threat to the future of humanity.

You can guarantee that this same technology will be used – by someone – to identify protesters, to find out if you are depressed or manic – and how to take advantage of that, “said the star of Truman Show.

The same family of technologies will be used to classify you – good or bad – as criminal or terrorist – or your sexual orientation.

I’m not saying that Apple will do it. But I say that it is more and more feasible and that it will be done by the people you do not want to do, those who lead us to a New World Order.

Carrey pointed out that facial recognition technology is only the “last step towards total surveillance”.


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