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Apple Replaces Revolver Emoji With Water Pistol Amid Gun Control Debate

Starting in September, Apple will replace the gun emoji with a green water pistol after the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (NYAGV) group launched a campaign titled, Disarm The iPhone. NYAGV started the movement to stand up against gun violence that is plaguing the country and to show politicians that “stricter access to real guns” is needed, reports Cosmopolitan. By Apple removing the gun emoji, Leah Barrett, the executive director of NYAGV told CNN that the company “has stood up to the bullying tactics of the NRA and gun industry by showing that there are many more life-affirming ways to express oneself than with a gun.”

Aside from changing the gun emoji, Apple will also introduce a more diverse group of emoticons such as female emojis working in the male-dominated career fields of law enforcement and construction. It will also feature the Pride flag, female athletes, and even single parent families.


Despite the changes Apple and Microsoft are making to help shift the attitudes people have towards gun violence, one problem still remains: police brutality. Several children and men of color have died at the hands of the police because they had water guns, plastic swords or even wallets in their hands. If the NYAGV and tech companies want to help introduce change, then it’s imperative they go further than just removing or revamping emojis to helping donate money to the legal funds of the families affected by police brutality to fight this numbing injustice.



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