Apparently Folks On Twitter Had No Idea Sasha Obama’s Real Name Is……….

Sasha Obama

This may not be as big of a scandal as *literally* everything Trump does, but it’s still got the internet pretty shook up.

#BlackTwitter is positively freaking out on Sasha Obama’s sixteenth birthday because – wait for it – ‘Sasha’ isn’t actually her name!

The youngest Obama girl just turned 16-years-old. Which, like everything to do with Barack’s daughters, is cause for celebration. Malia and Sasha have to be the most popular first children in history

There was, however, some devastating news to accompany the Twitter party. A writer at Refinery29 decided to take this opportunity to share some news she’d previously discovered about “Sasha”:

Apparently, she wasn’t the only one who didn’t now Sasha’s real name. Everyone online promptly lost their minds, in shock that the first family they thought they knew were actually using nicknames.

We understand how you feel: lost, betrayed, and like you don’t know what to believe anymore. But before you freak out too much, there’s no grand conspiracy afoot. Sasha (we’re always going to call her Sasha, no matter what her birth certificate says) recently worked a job in Martha’s Vineyard and had all her coworkers refer to her by her full name. So in real life, she’s perfectly honest about her name.

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