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“Any Uncircumcised Person Is Dangerous, Carries Viruses, Bacteria & Germs” – Ghanaian Doctor Warns Women!

The medical director of the Brong Ahafo Hospital in Ghana, Mr. Jacob K. Abrebrese, described the presentation as an indecent, uncivilized practice and an undisciplined act.

In an interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Dr. Abrebrese said that male suction or f3llation, is an unhealthy practice that should not be encouraged.

The uncircumcised poison carries viruses, bacteria, and germs

The doctor stated that uncircumcised men carry bacteria, germs and viruses, so women sucking them are at high risk, adding that sucking an uncircumcised poison is as dangerous as sucking the female genitalia.

It responded to the report of the World Health Organization on the spread of untreatable “super gonorrhea”.

According to the report, “super gonorrhea” is untreatable, spreads rapidly, and increases due to unprotected oral s’ex.



WHO has warned that the strain of gonorrhea infects patients around the world, and that infection is not treatable by current means.

The two current antibiotics used to treat gonorrhea, ceftriaxone and azithromycin, are becoming increasingly ineffective against the new strain, according to the report.

Commenting on the report, Dr Abrebrese called it serious and should be examined with great care.

Human rights, civilization and indiscipline have caused such problems.

”  When you take part in this type of sexual act, you endanger your life.”

The health professional questions the reasons why some people engage in these immoral and dangerous practices, given the health risk they imply.

The man finally denounced the people who were attracted by the same sxex, describing this behavior as a mad act that must be condemned.

“The rectum of man has not been designed for anal sex, and when you participate in these kinds of acts, you endanger your life.”

Gonorrhea can cause burning by urination, discharge, inflammation and fertility problems in women when untreated.

This can also increase the risk of HIV. This disease spreads through sexual contact, but can also be transmitted from mother to child during birth.


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