Chelsea Boss, Antonio Conte States Diego Costa As A ‘Thing Of The Past’ For The Club

Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte has insisted he has no “interest” in the ongoing Diego Costa saga as he intends to move forward with Chelsea and labelled the Spaniard, who is agitating for a return to Atletico Madrid, as a matter for “the past”.

A Chelsea spokesman added: “Antonio’s not wanting to comment further on this subject and neither are the club. Our position is clear.”

Asked how the situation might be resolved, the Chelsea spokesman added: “I don’t think that’s something we’ll get into publicly. As a Chelsea player we’ve said he should return to Chelsea and that’s where we’ll leave it.”

Earlier on Friday, Costa reaffirmed his desire to play for Atletico and criticised Chelsea playing hard ball with the Spanish side.

“I’ve demonstrated I care for Atletico and have interest in playing for them,” he told ESPN Brasil.


The 28-year-old striker has made clear his desire to leave Chelsea this summer after claiming Conte told him via text message that he was no longer needed at the club.

But speaking ahead of Chelsea’s Premier League clash with Tottenham on Sunday, Conte downplayed the running transfer saga and even laughed when first asked about Costa’s comments that he is being “treated like a criminal”.

“It’s great, it’s great. I prefer to laugh,” he said during his Friday press conference.

“I can tell you everyone at Chelsea knows what happened with him last season. It’s funny, this interview.

“I’m not interested to continue this issue. I repeat: for me, he is the past.”


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