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Anti-French Speech in Africa: Emmanuel Macron Identifies the Real Instigators

French President Emmanuel Macron once again spoke out against the resurgence of anti-French speeches in Africa. It was during the G5 Sahel summit in Pau.

The tenant of the Elysée pointed the finger at foreign powers without giving the name of a country. Emmanuel Macron also said that the declarations against France are “unworthy” and reveal other interests:

”  The speeches that I have heard in recent weeks are unworthy (…) because they serve other interests, either those of terrorist groups (…), or those of other foreign powers who simply want to see Europeans more far away, because they have their own agenda, a mercenaries agenda  ,  insisted the French president during this meeting with African presidents.


 For President Macron, the authors of these anti-French remarks are paid by certain people who have an interest in France leaving this area of ​​Africa where terrorism reigns

“  I hear a lot of people saying everything and anything. Ask yourself by whom they are paid, ask yourself what interest they serve. I have my idea,  ” continued the French president.

Emmanuel Macron also stressed that the several French soldiers have been killed since 2013 in the context of this operation. They sacrificed their lives for the safety of Malians, Nigerians and Burkinabè.

During this meeting with the G5 Sahel countries, President Macron announced the strengthening of the French military force Barkhane. He said 220 more soldiers will be sent to the Sahel.


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