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Angry Snoop Is Wondering why the World Overlooked Akon’s Project, Calls Bruce Jenner A Science Project

Snoop keeps it real and while most celebrities are mute for the fear of outlash, Snoop has called out the unnecessary attention on Bruce Jenner’s transitioning to a woman.


The rapper shared a picture on Instagram showing Akon’s project to bring electricity to 800 million Africans, which has a caption that says, ‘Shout out to Akon! He is about to supply 600 million Africans with solar power. Im really upset that this isn’t major news but that science project Bruce Jenner is. #Society’.


The rapper as expected got a lot of flak for it with people saying that as much as Akon’s actions are commendable, he shouldn’t have to put down Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. His supporters stepped in too as well. Here is one quote from a @jammeliaxxo.

Sex change is a science project…you are experimenting on your sexual body part’s that you were not born with… You are taking pills genetically change your voice, that you are not born with. You CUT off your male anatomy to become another gender.. YES you are a man made science project! And the sad thing about this. They are throwing this in our face like everyone has to except this! I have a son, and about the time it comes for him to marry.. I don’t want some MAN parading around like a woman to trick him into false pretenses.. These freaks can’t have children! They will never be woman.. No matter what they cut off or add!


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  1. I’m glad you’ve shared this story, but it’s not strictly accurate.
    It’s all over the internet, but has unfortunately been hyped to hell with the inevitable result that mistakes have been made and the fundamental facts somewhat twisted.
    What is actually happening is that in conjunction with the United Nations, he has lent his name and face to an initiative to set up a college and factory to train technicians how to install solar energy systems.
    One of the headquarters will be in Mali, but it is a long term idea and will take many years and many European and African government billions and tech expertise to help achieve this.
    The set up money of $1 billion came not from Akon or Africa sadly, but from China (neo colonialisn say many), who will oversee and part own the project. It is hoped that up too 600 million African homes will eventually benefit.
    With so many outside (non African) business interests involved, it’s inevitable that many are sceptical, but I sincerely hope it succeeds.

    • Lol you are a joke! Nothing you own doesn’t have a component made in China, do you not still enjoy it and flaunt it? Quiet you simple mind being. Back to your heroic science project, I guess. Wait let me stop before they realize this is all just racial

    • And still its a project of hope for a lot of people….
      But you have nothing to say about Bruce Jenners gender experiment….and nothing to say about why the media is not covering that Chinese “neo colonialism” project…..
      Well you have a clear tagret….

      God Bless

  2. I have to agree with Snoop why is the world like oh wow look what Bruce did he’s just a man in a dress like it’s never been done look at rupaul. So why do we need to rejoice cause a cross dressing Olympic runner came out the closet

  3. I agree with Snoop what is it that Bruce did that haven’t been done Rupaul did it did anyone stop the world. No Bruce is an over the heel Olympic runner who needed money Wesley snipes said it best he’s just a boy in a dress now I guess wheaties will wanna put a before and after picture of him on the box with caption saying running from being a man

  4. He is a science project. Lol and a selfish individual. When you look beyond the surface of it all. He didn’t care about the feelings of his loved ones he just decided to kill Bruce and create Caitlyn. Now everyone who really loves him lost the man they loved and are forced to have to except this thing into their lives. Daughter lost the man in her life. She lost daddy and now has another woman instead. She’s out of a father figure. No More daddy’s girl. Son lost dad. The male figure in his life dead and replaced with Caitlyn. So selfish. The wife, All those years she laid up with the man she loved bared children for, all a lie. She lost her man and has to replace him for a woman. Sad. The father who was so proud of his son the mother who lost mama’s boy, replaced by a thing that looks like a woman. All the fans that loved Bruce had their man killed off and replaced by Caitlyn. And they can’t say anything bad about it for fear of society ostracizing them for having feelings about it. It real shows the mind of this selfish society that we live in. Do what ever makes you happy even if it makes every one else sad. When you scratch the surface of it all you really see the act of a selfish desire that was accomplished. Caitlyn didn’t make you the man you are today, Bruce did. All the money you have Wasn’t earned by Caitlyn it was earned by Bruce. The love, the fame and everything else you have, earned by Bruce not Caitlyn. In reality Caitlyn should be locked up for stealing Bruce’s money. She killed Bruce and is now living off of Bruce’s hard earned money and fame. Just my opinion.

    • Wow, what a load of utter, utter bullshit. All this crying about family members losing a MAN from their lives, sounds like you must have some serious problem with women, and strong women at that. “All the money you have wasn’t earned by Caitlyn, it was earned by Bruce” – Are you actually serious in thinking there is some duality between Bruce and Caitlyn? It’s the same person on the inside, and will always be the same person on the inside, only perhaps less plagued by inner demons since she came out as a transgender woman. The only thing that is unfortunate is that transgendered men and women feel like they have to submit to normality and live a lie for years and years, because of people who cannot open their minds and hearts and understand that everyone is NOT the same. There aren’t just two types of people in this world, determined by physical gender, man and woman. Normal doesn’t exist. Normal is something that is forced upon us by society, cramming us into these narrow and uncomfortable gender compartments from the very day that we are born, when they wrap us up in either a blue or a pink blanket. Humans are NOT simple, life is NOT black and white, and neither is gender.

      • I love strong woman. My mom, my grandmother my wife and many other strong Woman friends that I have in my life, I love them and respect them. But Bruce is a man not a woman. Well that’s my opinion and you have yours. I just put my self I the shoes of others and think, “how will I feel if that was my dad?” And that’s how I will feel. You mud be a trans and if that’s how you feel you’re intitled to your opinion. The problem is when you want to force your opinion on others. I don’t think it’s right to change yourself I such a manner and feel that you should be content with who you are born as. That’s my opinion. Will I hate Bruce or any other trans or try to insult or hurt them if they are around me? Absolutely not. But do I have to condone it either? No I don’t. Just as you do condone it, that’s your opinion. Do you have to think as I do? No you don’t. But I do feel for his family and friends on losing the man that they love.

  5. It Really doesnt matter who paid for it,Who promotes it or Campaign about.The most important thing is that 600mil people get adequate solar energy,If he can “help” in that movement,Thats astronomical.Period.

  6. Why is this sad? Because you are looking at a man that has given in to his illness, No longer fighting for his god given sexuality. While the media jackasses cheer him on and the psychiatric community has their mouths gaped open and thumbs up their asses.

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