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Angry Senegalese In France Disgrace President Macky Sall, Pour Flour on His Car and Bodyguards (VIDEO)

Macky Sall’s visit to Macron is not easy for him. Indeed, he was booed on Tuesday during a demonstration of the Senegalese diaspora.

The demonstrators came to his residence, located on the Rue Vineuse 16 th arrondissement in Paris, where he is locked up after suffering the jeers. In a moody movement, the protesters poured flour on the president’s car, as well as on his bodyguards, under the helpless gaze of the French police. The bodyguards did not react to the affront and remained calm.

Faced with this, Macky Sall got a black rage by pouring out his bile on local Apr officials. He was sorry for their divisions, which he considers to be the cause of the dirty quarter of an hour he has lived in Paris.


“All that is you, slice the Head of State, taken over by Senenews. It’s because you are divided that about twenty people manage to undermine and sabotage our arrival in Paris. The war you are waging between you is nil and at the limit useless and dangerous for our party and the power we exert. If today the opposition manages to lead us the difficult life in Paris is because you, the party officials, you are leading a fratricidal war between you. Silence your quarrels, get together and work together. ”



While in Paris until next Saturday, he invited members of his party to join forces. According to Senenews, the President hammered “we are moving towards very serious deadlines that division andinternal warfare in our party will not help us if we want to retain power. If twenty or so demonstrators manage to dominate more than two hundred activist activists, it is because you are not working and you are leading a useless and fratricidal war within the party. “


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