Angry Pakistani Mob Burn Effigy Of US President Donald Trump.

A furious Pakistani mob burned an effigy of Donald Trump during a rally against the US a week after he slammed Islamabad for harbouring terrorists.  Pictures have emerged of the figure depicting the President engulfed in flames as the cheering crowd hoist Pakistani flags in the air.

Pakistani mob burn effigy of US President Donald Trump

Other demonstrators punched the air and held up placards reading, ‘US President Donald Trump (is) stupid.’

Pakistan has already postponed a visit by a US diplomat who had been due to arrive Monday, a week after President Donald Trump publicly upbraided Islamabad for harbouring militants attacking US and Afghan troops.


The delegation led by Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Alice Wells was set to be the first major visit by an American official since the president’s comments.

‘At the request of the Gov’t of Pakistan, the visit of the US delegation has been postponed until a mutually convenient time,’ the foreign ministry said late Sunday.




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