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Angola’s Former President José Eduardo dos Santos’s New Life is Far from Rosy – Report

President of the Republic of Angola from 1979 to 2017 , the new life of José Eduardo dos Santos does not seem to be radiant.

It must be said that appearances are deceptive even if the photos shared on Instagram by Isabel his daughter, we see a happy and relaxed José Eduardo dos Santos; he is violently attacked and criticized by his successor João Lourenço who embarked on an anti-corruption crusade.

The new president, also from the MPLA, has launched a large-scale purge in the administration and public companies that targeted relatives of the former head of state.

Angola: President José Eduardo dos Santos's new life is far from rosy

The once powerful former Angolan head of state did not miss the fall of his family empire.


Angola: President José Eduardo dos Santos's new life is far from rosy

José Eduardo and his relatives are no longer really at home in Angola. And even if José wants to show patience and discretion, his children went on the offensive.

One of her daughters, Welwitschia, MPLA MP, told the Angolan media in May that she had “fled” her country after being intimidated by secret services.

“I suffered threats from the chairman of the parliamentary group and secret service agents. I have fled since they kidnapped a deputy on the plane, “said Welchitschia dos Santos, known as Tchizé, in an audio message to Angolan journalists.

According to Jeune Afrique, she is currently in the United Kingdom, as is her step-sister Isabel dos Santos, the eldest daughter of the former president, considered the richest woman in Africa. The latter ignored several recent summonses from the Angolan judiciary in an investigation into suspicious transfers while acting as CEO of the national oil company Sonangol. If she returns to Angola, she could be arrested.


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  1. Karma is a bitch. The sins of the father are put upon the children even up to the 4th generation. It is the universe at work keeping things in check for our black people. The dos Santos are like most presidential family members. Use their name to steal openly and protected by the state while in power.

  2. The President of Angola. Joao Lourenco should be hailed by all Africans across the Globe by correcting the evil amassing of fortunes by those previously in power in virtually every African Country.

    South Africa, Zimbabwe, DRC etc should all start the same process in recovering all of the stolen billions. Only then will Africa recover….

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