Angola Set To Reopen Schools In October

Angolan authorities have agreed to reopen schools from October, after learning institutions in the country were closed to control the spread of COVID-19.

Learning activities were cancelled in March after the country recorded the first case of COVID-19.

State Minister and Head of presidential palace Adão de Almeida said the country will continue to observe certain COVID-19 guidelines until October 9 when schools will resume.


The minister announced more restrictions will be enforced from September 9 and that everyone in a public place will be required to wear face masks, observe social distance and have temperature checks.

At the same time, the government agreed to resume domestic flights from September 14 and international flights from September 21.

Schools will be required to adhere to certain protocols including testing of all staff for COVID-19 before the resumption of classes.

“Classes will resume in phases and on alternating days. Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 will resume on October 5”, Education minister Luísa Grilo said during a press conference.

Grade 7 and 8 will resume on October 19, she added.

The class sessions will be divided into two and will go for two and a half hours for primary schools and three and a half hours for secondary schools.

The academic year will end on March 2021, the Education minister added.

Meanwhile, church services in Luanda province are set for resumption on October 19.

Angola has reported 3,033 COVID-19 cases, 124 deaths and 1,215 recoveries.

Luanda is the epicentre with 1,497 cases and 120 deaths. Officials said the capital will remain locked until October 30.


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