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Angola Rejects Election Observers From The European Union – “We do not expect anyone to impose on us”

“We do not expect anyone to impose on us how to observe the elections and give us lessons,” said Angolan Foreign Minister Georges Chicoty, quoted in an Angolan newspaper.

The head of Angolan diplomacy said that the invitation to the European Union remains open, while specifying that Luanda refuses any specific agreement with each of the organizations that wish to send observers.


The Angolans must go to the polls for a general election that will mark the end of the thirty-eight year reign of the head of state, José Eduardo dos Santos.

At the beginning of the year, his party had appointed the current Minister of Defense, José Lourenço, to succeed him in the event of victory.

According to the Electoral Commission, at least 3,000 international observers were invited for the elections.



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