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Angola Names New Fidel-Castro Highway, Bad Idea!!

In his report to power, Fidel Castro was not to a paradox. For decades, propaganda posters bearing his effigy recalled along the roads, in the streets of Havana or around baseball stadiums, that the Lider Maximo was the figure that “illuminated” the Cuban people and its revolution. But the former communist leader wished to be buried (almost) like a man of the people.

The day of his funeral, his brother, Raul Castro, said in a speech on television, that according to the desire expressed by Fidel “even in his last hours,” no monument or statue would be dedicated. Neither his name nor his face will be used to baptize institutions, squares, parks, avenues or other public sites. “The leader of the revolution rejected any manifestation of the cult of personality”, he added .

Castro Highway

A will that has not crossed the Atlantic Ocean. In Angola, where the current regime benefited from military aid from Cuba during the civil war that ravaged the country of independence in 1975, Fidel Castro now has his name inscribed in the landscape. The government has announced that a new highway that has just been inaugurated in the province of Luanda now bore the name of the former Cuban leader, as reported by the Angolan news agency.


“We do not merely honor a former president, a friend of the Angolan state, but above all a political personality whose vision, clear thinking and perseverance in his ideas and actions have placed him in the position of the leader of the Cuban revolution, “saidManuel Hélder Vieira Dias, Minister of State at the inauguration ceremony.

Fidel Castro, had decided to send more than 30,000 Cuban troops to support the troops of the current regime during the civil war which had independence had seen oppose rebel fighters backed by South Africa and the states -United States to regular troops supported by the communist bloc. He probably did not expect his name to be attached to a highway as a thank you.

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