How Angola Celebrates 2017 Annual Carnival Despite Financial Cut-Backs

Angola’s 2017 Luanda carnival was marked with processions full of colour, dance and music.

The event that is held annually showcases various cultures found in the country.

It carnival also gives Angolans a chance to showcase their traditions, creativity, art and music. Although it has been compared to the Brazilian Rio carnival, the event remains deeply rooted in Angolan traditions

This year though, the festival was dogged by financial shortages and an economic crisis brought on by the fall in global oil prices in recent months.

In the past, the carnival performance was held simultaneously in various parts of the country. Now however, it is centralized in Luanda.


Another major challenge that is affecting the carnival is the erosion of African culture and traditions.

Authorities in the country have called for a restoration of the popular spirit of the carnival as was witnessed in the past years.

“It’s true that the carnival is not celebrated as much as it was before. This is criticism that has to be made, especially towards the organ that runs and monitors the carnival. It is necessary to restore the popular spirit of the carnival. But the few people who went and the fans who showed up indicates that the event is not dead, it’s sleeping,” said Albino Carlos, an official at the Social Communication Ministry.

This year’s event was closed with an award ceremony that saw dance and music groups in various categories receive cash prizes of up to $3000.


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