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Angola Cables Announces Completion of 10,000 Kilometers Monet Submarine Cable System

Telecommunication company Angola Cables together with Algar Telecom, Antel and Alphabet, Inc. have announced the completion of the 10,556 km Monet Cable System.

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This connects Boca Raton , Florida, to Fortaleza and Santos,Brazil, a state-of-the-art digital gateway between the United States and Brazil with a transmission capacity of more than 64 TB / s.

The Monet Submarine Cable System, developed and built on top of the SubCom Open Cables concept, incorporates state-of-the-art subsea technology that provides exceptionally high bandwidth capacity and broadly enhanced latency performance for the Internet.

The options now available for commercial data transmission and other services via the submarine cable will better serve the current requirements for connections between Latin America and the United States.

In addition, a powerful platform and a stable backbone will be available, which are suitable for future required and ever larger capacities.

Antonio Nunes , Chairman of the Monet Executive Committee, said: “The completion of the Monet submarine cable system is an incredibly important milestone for the market, as it has brought the submarine cable technology to a new level, addressing the new challenges of digital advancement can be. Efforts to make this submarine cable, with direct links and low latency, will really pay off for the economy in each region. The current digital hype opens up a whole new horizon and brings new business opportunities, many of which are still unknown today. The Monet will certainly contribute to development and to greater prosperity. ”

The Monet Cable System is owned by Algar Telecom, a Brazilian telecommunications company and Internet services provider, Angola Cables, an Angolan telecommunications company active in the wholesale business, ANTEL, the Uruguayan public telecommunications company, and Google, a global telecommunications company active technology companies.

Monet will be equipped with the most advanced technologies in the field of high quality 6 fiber cable and fiber optic data transmission. The initial capacity will be at least 64 TB / s (100 GB / sx 100 wavelengths x 6 fiber pairs).

The continental junctions of the Monet Cable are Boca Raton in Florida and Fortaleza and Santos in Brazil.

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