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Angelina Jolie Risks Losing Custody of Her Children Because of Brad Pitt

Two years after her separation from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie could lose custody of her children to her ex-husband. Angelina Jolie will now have to oil her relationship with the father of the children, otherwise she could lose the main custody of the children.

We still remember it as if it was yesterday, in September 2016 Angie and Brad announced their separation. A year and a half later, the two movie stars are still in the process of divorce. Meanwhile, the judges questioned why the six children were not really close to their father, so they considered withdrawing main custody from the Hollywood actress.

Angie forbidden to read Brad’s messages to children

According to the official documents, taken by People magazine, it would be “essential that each of the six children of the couple have a healthy and strong relationship with their father and mother”.


In addition, the judges invite Angelina Jolie to make more efforts to facilitate the children’s contact with Brad Pitt.

For example, Angie will have to grant Brad Pitt an extended visitation this summer for the kids, but also let him call them whenever he wants. In addition, the movie star will no longer read the messages sent by Brad Pitt to their children but also she will have to coordinate a phone appointment with the psychologist who follows them to make them understand that “the Court considered that they were safe with their father “.

For the judges, “if the minor children remain too far from their father, and depending on the circumstances that explain the distance, this could lead to a reduction in the time they spend with Angelina Jolie and could push the Court to grant the main guard to Brad Pitt “.


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