Angelina Jolie: Her Six Children Will Have To Validate Her Next Relationship – Report

Angelina Jolie would be ready to get back together, according to However, it would be necessary above all to have the agreement of her children before undertaking a new love story.


Since her recent divorce with actor Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has not yet returned as a couple. The actress’s suitors must be well. Things do not seem as easy as that.

HollywoodLife revealed Tuesday, October 03 that Angelina would be ready to undertake a love affair, but on one condition. This pretender, must absolutely be validated by the six children of the actress.


“Angelina Jolie has finally taken a step back,” says a source close to the actress at HollywoodLife. “She’s starting to think about the future,” she says. “Angelina even thinks she may be ready to start dating with another man, even though she’s very passive about it and is not actively looking for someone,” the source said.  For Angelina, children go first, and anyone who wants to go out with her will have to be approved by her six children.

In the aftermath of her divorce, Angelina had announced that she would rather remain alone, like her ex-husband, for the welfare of their children.

”  Angelina and Brad focus on their children. They have no interest in starting a new relationship at this time. Brad also focuses on his sobriety and his new passion for sculpture, so his mind is not free to meet at this time, “  explained a source at  Hollywood Life.  ”  Brad and Angelina want to make things easier for them so they do not want to introduce a third person into their entourage.”  Will this resolution stand? And for how long?


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