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Angelina Jolie, A Perfect Bait For An Ugandan Criminal, According to the International Criminal Court (ICC)

In 2012, the head of the ICC imagined the actress trap the leader of a militia of child soldiers. But the anecdote, rocambolesque, goes beyond the actuality of the people. Hollywood, the ICC and the Pentagon seem to be intimate.
Angelina Jolie, perfect bait for a Ugandan criminal according to the International Criminal Court
Angelina Jolie and the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (2003-2012) at a gala called “Cinema for Peace”, photo © Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

Reality goes beyond fiction. Luis Moreno Ocampo, first prosecutor (2003 to 2012) of the  International Criminal Court (ICC) made his decisions after consulting people like George Clooney or Angelina Jolie, according to Mediapart . Luis Moreno Ocampo even saw in that which incarnated Lara Croft on the screen a sort of secret agent, as reported in the British newspaper The Times , capable in his eyes to contribute to the arrest of Joseph Kony, a militia of child soldiers, the Resistance Army of the Lords, raging in Uganda .“[Angelina Jolie] had the idea to invite Kony to dinner and stop her,” Luis Moreno Ocampo argues in 2012 in a leaked mall to an official of the NGO Invisible Children, and quoted by the Times .  “Forget the other celebrities, it’s her. She would love to stop Kony, “he said And to add, very seriously: “She’s ready. Brad [Pitt, at the time her husband] will probably also come. ”


Uganda … seen by Hollywood

In 2011, the media drama of child soldiers in Uganda, forcibly enlisted in the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) moves public opinion. Established in 1988 after the outbreak of the civil war, the LRA has been raging for more than 20 years in the country, causing the displacement of about two million people in the region, including Sudan. According to the NGO Invisible Children, which produced a video uploaded on YouTube  in 2012 and viewed more than 101 million times, Joseph Kony, compared to Adolf Hitler by the NGO, then had an army of 30,000 child soldiers only in Uganda.

Yet, contrary to the narrative of the NGO based in San Diego, California, as early as 2006, the LRA would have been pushed out of Uganda to continue to plague the border areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo or Central African Republic, as noted in March 2014 by freelance journalist Michael Wilkerson of Uganda on Slateafriqu

But the story far surpasses People and illustrates the porosity between Hollywood and the Pentagon. In those years, Angelina Jolie is very active on the international scene. The daughter of the actor John Voigt is notably a traveling ambassador to the United Nations. But she is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR), a neo-conservative think tank that has largely influenced US foreign policy, notably under the presidency of George W. Bush. Among its members are the highly influential Henry Kissinger, former US National Security Advisor, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who is famous for presenting false evidence to the United Nations in 2003 the presence of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq.

From soft power … to hard power

In October 2011, President Obama authorized the deployment of 100 US Army advisers to help the Ugandan army track down Kony. Only a few weeks after this decision, in November 2011, the Hollywood film factory released the movie Machine Gun , an action film that tells the story of a former Pittsburgh drug dealer who finds his redemption becoming a sort of Rambo defender of the cause of Ugandan and Sudanese child soldiers, precisely victims of the LRA.

In reality, however, Joseph Kony will not be arrested or liquidated. To date, it is still not found. In March 2017, the US military threw in the towel after an operation that would have cost between 600 and 800 million dollars . “In recent years, the LRA has been reduced to an unimportant organization,” said Tom Waldhauser, head of Africom, the United States Command for Africa, created by the Pentagon in 2008.


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