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‘Andrea Grant’: The Great Burnt Enclosure That Appears With Its Uninhibited Belly!!

Andrea Grant was 9 years old when his brother (11 years) and were caught in a tragic explosion of the family home following a gas leak.Fortunately, they survived but face burns 3rd degree; since the flames hit 85% of their bodies. For months she endured enormous suffering since it had to re-learn how to eat, write and walk. When Andrea spoke of her desire for motherhood, the doctors said she could not go beyond 34 weeks of pregnancy because of his severe scarring on the abdomen. Despite this, she decided to listen to his instinct, to believe in her chance to become a mother and now proudly displays her pregnancy to everyone.

“I died and the doctors brought me back to life.” – A ndrea G rant

1. A source of inspiration.

At the age of 24, Andrea defies life and proves to his doctors that they were wrong. Today, she is completing her 2nd pregnancy. A true force of nature, Andrea is also a lecturer. At events organized by the nonprofit organization founded by her brother Kendell in 2014, she devoted herself to the defense of burn survivors and motivates them to never give up. She tells how she learned to love after an accident that was potentially fatal. That’s why she shared her photos of pregnancy on Instagram; to remind others that they can overcome any obstacle that gets in their way. The trick is to believe, to listen to his heart even though we assure you that it is impossible.

“I wanted to share the pregnancy with other survivors through a series of pictures to show them that anything is possible.” – Andrea Grant

2. Fighting to impact the world.

Andrea, whose first child is called Jada says that for her second pregnancy, she was convinced that she would not be subject to other problems. However, she is aware that she would experience sensations of stretching on his stomach because of the baby weight. To anticipate these inconveniences, it applies to olive oil combined with coconut oil or shea butter on her scars during pregnancy. Your only obstacle is “yourself”. Surprise positive feedback she received, she said feeling even stronger. Thus it continues to promote self-love and perseverance.


“I’m not a girl” lambda “and I’m not trying to be a model but I learned to love myself unconditionally, because I am a queen.” – Andrea Grant

3. Thanks to the self-esteem that you earn trust.

Through the foundation Beyond Scars, Andrea and her brother Kendell want to help burn victims and their families for them to build a strong base which is none other than self confidence. Andrea seeks above all to educate people about self-love. For her, it is finding a quality home that we learn to love and therefore to increase its self-esteem. She still remembers the explosion as if it were yesterday; and especially how the accident changed his life. In reality, it does not consider itself as a victim but as a survivor. This is reflective of how she finds the strength to persevere and continue to show the world that everything is possible.

“Look at yourself in the mirror, find something that you love about yourself and build your confidence around that.” Andrea Grant

With photos taken by, it does not just show baby memories. Her goal is much bigger than that: to remind everyone to love and to have self-confidence despite the obstacles encountered; in other words: “learn to love yourself you so that others can love you in return.” It is also thanks to her mother pouring KATANA Campbell she could get by ; and become the beautiful woman she is today. Since her accident, she overcame many hardships which greatly affected his hometown, Jacksonville. It is through her story she wants to prove to everyone that she alone is master of her destiny.

“Life is worth living EVEN with scars.” – Andrea Grant

Source: Woman of Influence


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