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Ancelotti Enchants Zinedine Zidane: “Zidane Changed My Idea of ​​Football”

Zinedine Zidane has managed to win three consecutive Champions League trophies, something no coach has so far achieved. His promising coaching career could look like his equally great career as a footballer. Carlo Ancelotti is one of those who were seduced by the French, then field player.

Both were former coaches of Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane esteem each other. Known as one of the best coaches on the planet, the Italian admitted recently to have been impacted in his manner of coaching, by the game of the French: ” He changed my idea of ​​football” .

“Zidane at Juventus changed my idea of ​​football. I had prevented Parma from signing Baggio, who had already made an agreement with the club. Baggio was one of the greatest talents in the history of Italian football, but I already had Enrico Chiesa and Hernan Crespo, “ said Carlo Ancelotti in an interview with the newspaper Corriere dello Sport.Publicity


Ancelotti explains that he had to change his style of play under the influence of Zidane, without the latter requires it, and confided on the Italian legend, Roberto Baggio.

Basically, I had a style of football that put players in boxes and did not include trequartista, the role that Roberto had asked. If Baggio had arrived after the turn of my career with Zidane, I would have gladly worked with him “ ,

“Zidane changed everything, because I put the team in a box around the champion, which made it a tailor-made suit for Zizou.” 

“The eight years in Milan are very different from other things, but if you want the truth about the rest, I will say Madrid. Real Madrid is Real Madrid and all coaches should have the chance to work in a city like this. ” A nice tribute to the Spanish club, which is going through a rather delicate period since the beginning of the season.


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