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Ana Navarro on Trump Mocking African-Americans’ IQ : ‘If You Don’t Think This is Abnormal, Get Your Vision Checked’

On Sunday, Republican strategist and CNN political commentator Rep. Ana Navarro doubled down on her tweet criticizing President Donald Trump for deriding prominent African Americans Maxine WatersDon Lemon and LeBron James and questioning their intelligence.

Here is what Navarro wrote:


Then, when asked about Trump’s comments that prompted her tweet, Navarro said this on CNN: “Look, if you don’t see this as racist, I would ask you to please go get your vision checked.”

She added: “It’s also — remember, we’re not taking this, you know, in a vacuum. This is not the one instance when Donald Trump has said something that is a dog whistle, a racist dog whistle.”

She then listed Trump’s “shithole” remarks and comments disparaging football players as further proof of her claim.

Finally, turning to the Republican base, Navarro noted that it seems like no matter what Trump does, or how divisive he gets, they still stand by him.

“There is nothing that he can do that at this point will turn off that base,” Navarro said. “I think they are emotionally invested in him. They see him as their ugly baby but it’s their baby so nobody better tell me he’s an ugly baby. They see it as a tribal fight.”


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