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An Industry At Growth: The Unbelievable Growth in sports betting in Africa

Africa has seen considerable growth in sports betting, something which can be attributed to
various factors. The first would be the economy. Many African nations have populations
composed of many people who live below the poverty line. Many find it difficult to access basic
necessities such as healthcare and even clean water. Many people in Africa are unemployed,
something which is made worse by the difficulty people face in trying to exploit opportunities.
Due to bureaucracy and corruption, it is very difficult for people to succeed in Africa as
compared to other continents such as America or Europe. Due to such, many people have felt
that in order to improve their lives, they would need an easy way out, such as the one offered
through betting. Betting gives people hope that with some luck, they might be able to win
enough money to get out of poverty. Such is made even more enticing by the fact that many bets
don’t need people to stake large stakes but only small amounts of money.

Quick Guide to Sports Betting
Betting sites such as betway have made various adverts that try to convince people that they are
capable of becoming wealthy just by simply spending some small sum on their site. The sum that
players are able to win is also an important factor that draws new people to bet. Betting
companies such as betway have very large sums as prizes, sums that pale in comparison to the
stakes one places.


Another thing that has considerably enhanced the growth of sports betting in Africa would be the
fact that many betting companies such as betway can be easily accessed from mobile devices or
even computers. Betway has invested a lot to ensure their website and mobile application are
easy to use and responsive. Betway has many betting options, such as sports betting, which gives
users the ability to bet on sports teams they like. Such a feature has helped the betting companies
to ride the fame of sports in the continent.

A sports enthusiast holds a betting slip while different games are broadcast on screens at a sports betting shop in July 15, 2019 in Nairobi. (Photo by SIMON MAINA / AFP) (Photo credit should read SIMON MAINA/AFP/Getty Images)

There are many football fans on the continent who like to follow on the success of their team. When they play, fans usually back them to win even when the odds are stacked against their team. Such can also be seen in betting, whereby fans are more inclined to bet for their team to succeed. Having the option to bet on sports has another merit which has attracted many people. The fact that people are betting on sporting events means that they actually have a chance at winning. In many cases, a gambler might feel as though some of the games they play are rigged, especially when played online. The people who made the websites and applications could simply program them to ensure players never win large amounts of money at the business owners' expense. Sports betting, on the other hand, helps people to feel assures at their chance of winning since they can follow the sports they have placed their bet on.


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