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An Asteroid In The Shape Of A Human Skull Oddly Approaches The Earth – Scientists Report


Scientists have just discovered a 2015 TB-145 asteroid that strangely resembles the skeleton of a human head. According to ScienceDaily , the asteroid is very oddly close to the Earth. If we stick to the estimates of some scientists, in 2018, the asteroid will have reached its maximum point of approximation to the surface of our planet.

The size of this asteroid is between 625 and 700 meters. Seeing it, it recalls the shape of a human skull.

” We will benefit from the unique opportunity to acquire new data that can expand our knowledge of these objects, as well as such celestial bodies approaching our planet. ” said Pablo Santos-Sanz, researcher at the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia.

For this scientist, the asteroid only reflects about 6% of the sunlight. “ It means that it is very dark and that its reflexivity hardly exceeds that of carbon ” he says.

According to the researchers, the asteroid is expected to approach the surface of our planet by November 2018, which is not a unique case. The last time he approached Earth on the night of October 30-31, 2015, scientists have dubbed him ” Halloween Asteroid “.


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