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An African Father Marries His Own Daughter To Obtain A Visa And Live In Europe!!

Just because he needed a visa for his daughter, a Nigerian worker “married” his own daughter named Jelili Adesanya to get a British visa.

Strange thing is that this man is 54 years old, he holds a British passport because he has been living in England for over 30 years; He just wanted his daughter, her daughter’s husband and the four children of the latter to join him in England from their home country of Nigeria.


So, the father set up a fake wedding ceremony in order to provide false administrative documents and make a photo montage, photos of happy “couples” on which appear his face and that of his daughter. He then used these photos to deceive immigration officials, taking care to point out that Karimotu Adenike, a new name he also invented for his daughter, was really his wife.

For his part, his daughter in turn increased her age by ten years on her marriage certificate in order to mask slightly the age gap between her father. The authorities have thus begun to suspect it.

Despite all these constraints, a spy has to reveal their secret, they are therefore under investigation

Culled From: Imatin


Written by How Africa

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