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An African American Spends 25 Years In Prison For A Crime He Did Not Commit; Gets $6.25M In Compensation

How much do you estimate the compensation you should receive if you had spent 25 years behind bars for a crime that you did not commit? New York City decided: Tuesday, it announced that it would pay a compensation of 6.25 million dollars (about 5.5 million euros) to a former American detainee accused of a murder .

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Jonathan Fleming, 53, was released from prison in April 2014 after being cleared by the Brooklyn prosecutor. He was convicted on August 15, 1989 of killing a drug trafficker, Darryl Rush, in Brooklyn, despite being in Orlando, Florida (southeast) at the time of the incident. For example, Jonathan Fleming had a hotel receipt dated August 14, 1989 at 9:27 pm, only four hours before Mr. Rush was killed 1600 km further north of the United States.


“Mr. Fleming spent nearly half his life behind bars when evidence at the time showed that he could not have committed” the crime he was accused of, “said Scott Stringer, Controller in the city of New York. “We can not give him the time he spent in prison, but the city of New York can offer him this compensation for the injustice he has suffered.” The signing of this agreement “will allow Jonathan and his family to build a new life without the painful and costly prospect of a new trial,” said lawyers Paul Callan and Martin Edelman.

The case of Jonathan Fleming is among dozens of others that are currently being reviewed by a special unit in Brooklyn, headed by a law professor at the prestigious Harvard University. Several of these cases concern investigations conducted at the time by Louis Scarcella, a retired police officer suspected of having used illegal methods.


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