An African-American Marries A Prince She Met In A Discotheque

Ariana Austin, 33, of Afro-American and Guyanese origin is the happiest woman in recent weeks. According to our BBC colleagues, the young woman became the wife of Joel Makonnen, 35, great-grandson of the last Emperor of Ethiopia. Their wedding ceremony took place at the beginning of last month in Maryland.

An African American marries a prince met in a discotheque

After their first meeting 12 years ago, the couple finally took the initiative to formalize their union. Our source indicates that the first meeting of Joel Makonnen and Ariana Austin took place on a dance floor of the Pearl discotheque in Washington DC. About five minutes after their encounter, the 23-year-old boy said his flame to the 21-year-old woman telling him she will be his girlfriend.


At the beginning of their relationship Makonnen did not unveil his royal origins in Austin. It was when the relationship became serious that the young man told everything to his beloved.

An African American marries a prince met in a discotheque

The young woman did not hide her emotions and her immense joy in being part of a family whose history is related to the biblical King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. In September, Joel Makonnen and Ariana Austin said they were “YES”. The blessing took place in a parish among Ethiopian Orthodox Catholics. 13 priests in Temple Hills, Maryland took part in this nuptial blessing from the pure Ethiopian and Guyanese tradition.

The bride and groom both wore crowns and capes during the ceremony, making them look like a real royal family.


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