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An African-American Girl Moves Millions of People on Adoption Day (Video)

An American girl has moved more than six million Internet users. When she knew she was going to be adopted, with her sister and brother, her reaction was overwhelming. In the video, we see her opening her presents in front of her cake. Only, the last was the frame of a box. To encourage him, the father says to him “it’s nothing crazy but … Good. It’s a gift too. It’s a gift to read. “The girl knew right away that she would be adopted by a family living in Georgia.

She then burst into tears and hugged her parents. The video was posted by mother Paige Zezulka on Facebook on August 24th. In legend, she had put “This will forever be my favorite video”.


“It was the day we told our daughter that we were going to adopt her (with her brother and sister).”

According to Paige, the “children spent 1,128 days in foster care for 3 years.

It’s so hard for them to live in constant uncertainty. “

So she decided to share the images to make it clear that “adopting children who are already a few years old and their siblings can be the most beautiful adventure.”


Credit: 7on7


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