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Amidst All Controversies, Zimbabwe President Mugabe Arrives For 37th SADC Head Of State Meeting


Even though tension keeps flying in the air concerning the assault and battery against a 20 year old model by Zimbabwe First lady, the President seemed unperturbed or maybe he’s doing a good job of masking his concerns. Some say it would have done nothing less if he stayed back but rather more good it could do with his attendance at such a summit.

Maybe their diplomatic rights could be saved and the First lady can enjoy some immunity.

Whichever way, if SA isn’t taking this lightly with the First lady, It will only be because the so called two sons had been a pest in a long time. Their lavish spending and carefree attitude had never been looked upon kindly. Such attitude will eventually land one in trouble no matter who you are.


So I guess this is one of those times for the Mugabes..

However, President Mugabe has arrived in South Africa for the 37th SADC Heads of State and Government Summit, as controversy surrounding his wife Grace continues, Zimbabwean state-media reports.

According to Herald, Mugabe arrived in Pretoria on Wednesday evening.

The summit was set to run from the August 19 to 20.

Some Zimbabwean government sources reportedly said that Mugabe could use the trip to try and help the situation surrounding his controversial wife Grace and kids – Robert Jr and Chatunga.


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