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America’s Top 6 Black Presidents Before Obama, You Probably Don’t Know

Barack Obama was the United States 44th President and goes down in history as America’s first Black President. However, is he the very first Black President? According to different sources, several scholars have studied the genealogy of our previous Commanders in Chief. There are some alluring ancestry records that support the speculation that Obama is not our first black American Commander.

Because of limited birth records and the documenting of the ancestry of slaves, it’s found to be difficult to trace backward and so a lot of this is based on rumor. An author by the name of Joel A. Rogers wrote a 19-page pamphlet called, ‘The Five Negro Presidents,’ goes into detail about the speculated rumors of the history of US Presidential ancestry.

The History of 6 American Presidents to Have Black Blood

  1. Thomas Jefferson was America’s 3rd President. He was characterized by his political opponent as the son of a “half-breed.” Which coming from an opponent can only be thought of as a diversion in politics but other there were other sources. Jefferson was alleged to be the son of a Virginian mulatto father. Jefferson also fathered children with his slave Sally Hemmings.


  1. Andrew Jackson the 7th US President. In a book by Dr. Leroy Vaughn’s, “Black People and Their Place in History.” He cited an article that was written in the Virginia Magazine of History claiming that Lincoln was the son an Irish woman who married a black man. The article also claims that Lincoln’s oldest brother was sold as a slave. But these assertions were never verified. Nerveless, Lincoln had dark course hair, a swarthy (dark) skin tone which was a spark of speculation in his political circle. President Lincoln didn’t look like the other white men of this time.


  1. Abraham Lincoln was our nation’s 16th President and who was known as “The Great Emancipator,” but even further into the topic he had also been referred to as “Abraham Africanus the First.” Rogers wrote that Lincoln, in fact, was the illegitimate son an African American man. His mother was said to have admitted that Lincoln was the progeny of a black man. These assertions were also never documented.


  1. Warren Harding was the 29th President of the US. Harding was open about his heritage, never denying the black in his ancestry. Rogers also wrote that “Harding had black ancestry throughout both sets of parents.” A white professor of economics and politics at Wooster College in Ohio wrote a book on the Harding family ancestry where he named black ancestors. Rumor has it that Justice Department agents bought and destroyed every copy of the book; destroying the documented genealogy of the family. Harding only had one academic credential from the Iberia College, which was known for educating fugitive slaves.


  1. Calvin Coolidge was the nation’s 30th President. His mother defended her dark skin by claiming a mixed Indian heritage, however, her maiden was ‘Moor” which in England was the name given to all blacks. According to Dr. Auset Bakhufu by the 1800’s the New England Indian population could hardly claim pure Indian accent because they mixed so often with blacks.


  1. Dwight D. Eisenhower who was the nation’s 34th President was mentioned in Dr. Auset Bakhufu’s book “Six Black Presidents: Black Blood White Masks USA.” Bakhufu said that Eisenhower’s mother, Ida Elizabeth Stover Eisenhower, was a known antiwar advocate, who was part black.


In addition to the two historians, Joel A. Rogers and Dr. Leroy Vaughn who wrote widely known and recognized books on the history of our Presidents and their black heritage, there are many magazines and newspaper articles written around the same topic. There are plenty of articles opposing the idea that a President of the United States during that time would have an association with a black. During the earlier years, during the time these Presidents served the American people, there was a closeness in the south, between blacks and whites and it wouldn’t be a surprising issue to find out that one or more of our Presidents had black in their heritage. It certainly wouldn’t hurt anything if there was.


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