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“Americans Underestimate Our Strength” Huawei Boss Replies Donald Trump

The US government has cracked down on Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei. In the wake of several American companies have followed suit, Google first. For Chinese leaders, the United States is far from imagining what they are capable of.

Google has stopped working with Chinese manufacturer Huawei. This measure, although temporary, has given rise to strong reactions throughout the world since the beginning of the week. But the Chinese giant, number 2 worldwide smartphone, and leader of 5G (technology 5th Generation) believes that the US authorities have made this decision by underestimating their strength

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“The US political staff, by its ways of doing now, shows that it underestimates our strength,” Huawei boss Ren Zhengfei said in an interview transcribed live via the app. mobile CCTV state television, picked up by TV5 world.

“Huawei’s 5G will not be affected at all (by all that). In terms of 5G technology, it is not in two-three years that other companies will catch up with Huawei, “he added.

The intervention of the Chinese leader comes nearly a week after Donald Trump’s decision to ban US groups from trading in telecommunications with foreign companies deemed “at risk” for national security.



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