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Americans Protest Against President Trump Again!! (+Photos)

At least eight people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, after a small group protesting President Donald Trump clashed with the police.

The demonstrators, who did not have a permit, spilled out onto the streets outside the Federal Building and failed to heed the warnings of police in tactical gear.

The protest was just one of several held across the country as part of the ‘not my Presidents’ Day’ rallies against Trump.

Planned marches took place in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago and Salt Lake City to mark President’s Day while unofficial demonstrations with the same theme cropped up elsewhere.

Protesters even greeted the president on the route from his Mar-a-Lago home to Palm Beach Airport where he boarded Air Force One to return to Washington DC in the afternoon.

Police warned demonstrators in Portland on Monday about blocking the roads near Madison Street and SW 3rd Avenue at around 11am.

At least eight people were arrested after police failed to clear the streets for about 20 minutes.

Footage of the arrests show several people pressed to the ground with their arms behind them. Among them was an elderly woman with a bloodied nose after she was knocked to the ground and arrested.

Ben Thomas questioned whether the police were exercising excessive force, telling the local news channel: ‘She was blocking traffic, but is that really worth knocking her to the ground to arrest her? I don’t think so.’

At least one woman was shot with ‘non lethal projectiles’, reports also say.


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