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“Americans Do Not Help Us, They Kill Us”: Exclusive Interview Of RT In Afghanistan!!

The family of an Afghan and his two sons, riddled with bullets by American soldiers until they no longer be recognizable, told RT that she was waiting for the latter to be brought to justice and convicted.

On June 12, a US military convoy was hit by a roadside craft explosive device in the Ghani Khel district of southern Nangarhar province in Afghanistan near the Pakistani border.

Cited by the Reuters news agency, the US military command in Kabul explained that the convoy was then attacked by armed militants. “The convoy has responded in self-defense, and there have been no casualties among the Americans,” the US military said in a statement, noting that no civilian casualtiesWas to be deplored.

A version that is undermined by the reality of the terrain: according to local police, three civilians – the owner of a small brick factory and his two sons – were killed by the indiscriminate shooting of American troops.

Zir Gul Khan, a 45-year-old man, and his two sons kept a brickyard in the vicinity during the night when the American convoy was hit by the explosion. “He woke up to watch what was going on. US troops [who were in an assault tank] believed that Zir Gul Khan was a terrorist, and opened fire, killing him and his two sons, “the police said in a statement.

Zir Gul Khan’s nephew Ziya Rahman, who was present during the dramatic incident, told RT: “When there was an explosion, I was near my uncle and my cousins. The American soldiers opened fire, and a bullet whistled near my face. I ran and I hid, I only left my shelter a few hours later “. “My uncle and my cousins ​​were dead, so I headed to our village to tell everyone,” he said.

Zir Gul Khan and his sons were riddled with bullets, to the point that they were hard to recognize, according to Ghulam Ahmad, the victim’s uncle. “It’s horrible what the Americans did to them. Even I could not identify their bodies, “he said, filled with distress.

"Americans do not help us, they kill us": exclusive interview of RT in Afghanistan© Andrew Burton Source: Reuters
An American soldier in the province of Kandahar, in February 2013 (illustration image)

This tragedy leaves the other 12 children of Zir Gul Khan – six sons and six daughters – orphans of their father and now without resources, condemned to fight for their survival. Still in shock, they are consumed with inextinguishable anger: “We want the government to kill those who murdered my father,” Zahid, one of the children, said in a breath. Whether the alleged perpetrators were American soldiers mattered little, and he repeated tirelessly: “I want the government to avenge my father and kill his murderers.”

Parents and relatives of the victims also demand justice, but in a more measured way; They insist that a trial in due form be held.

The mountains overlooking Tora Bora in Afghanistan

“We want to bring them to justice. Why can the American army kill our people so cruelly? They are only interested in themselves and they do not care about the Afghan people. I want them to be prosecuted and convicted, “Ghulam Ahmad said.

“We do not need compensation. We just want them to be punished. We want the government to punish American soldiers responsible for the killing, and the government must promise, “said Kheyaluddin, the man who now keeps the brickyard.

The United States, which ensures that all civilian casualtiesare taken seriously , promised to investigate the deaths of Ghani Khel, as they have done on many occasions. However, most of the similar investigations that took place during the Afghanistan war – which is already in its 16th year – have resulted in nothing but an apology.

This is far from enough for the family of Zir Gul Khan and for many other Afghans who are demanding that the Americans finally leave their country.

Incidents  with civilians killed by US troops “happen all the time,” says Ghulam Ahmad. The Americans “do not help us – they kill us. We do not need the Americans in Afghanistan … We want the government to chase them, “he said bitterly.

Kheyaluddin said nothing else: “We do not expect anything from the American troops, we do not need them to stay here. Zir Gul Khan was simply a poor man who worked to feed his children and his family. ”

“I do not want them to stay here because they kill civilians. We can not anymore American soldiers, their explosions and their murders, “finally added Ziya Rahman.

RT asked the Pentagon for his comments on the incident, and am careful the progress of the investigation.



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