American Woman posts Email from Company Refusing to Hire Her because of her ‘Ghetto’ Name

A Missouri woman Hermeisha Robinson has called out a company – Mantality Health – for discrimination after an email a person claiming to be called Jorden Kimler representing the company, told her they won’t consider persons that have “suggestive ‘ghetto’” names.

Hermeisha Robinson
Hermeisha Robinson

The company, according to Metro UK said its Indeed (a job posting site) account was hacked.

“Our Indeed account was hacked, that’s where everything was sent from. That’s all we can say right now because of the ongoing investigations,” said Jack Gamache, Clinic Director of the St Louis Mantality location.

The email had read:

Thank you for your interest in careers at Mantality Health. Unfortunately we do not consider candidates that have suggestive ‘ghetto’ names. We wish the best in your career search.

Posting a screenshot of the email on Facebook, Robinson said she was very “upset” and felt “discriminated against”. She wrote:

I have a public service announcement I am very upset because today I received an email about this job that I applied for as a customer service representative at Mantality Health I know I’m well qualified for the position as they seen on my resume! Man with ‘F**k Cops’ tattooed on his forehead decides he likes the police after all.


They discriminated against me because of my name which they considered it to be ‘ghetto’ for their company! ‘My feelings are very hurt and they even got me second guessing my name trying to figure out if my name is really that ‘ghetto’ I would like for everyone to share this post because discrimination has to stop!’

Robinson’s lawyer Richard K. Dowd, in a statement, said:

Ms. Robinson is asking herself, as we all should be asking, why a business would so openly and brazenly announce and pursue a hiring policy that targets people because they are of colour rather than hire people based upon their desire to work and support their families.

We need to call out and address this kind of rank bigotry for the disgrace that it is in this Country that stands for us all being created equal.

Despite what some people believe and how they act it is illegal to discriminate in employment practices on the basis of a person’s race.

What has been done to Ms. Robinson is inherently wrong, and we will pursue all legal remedies on her behalf to right this blatant injustice.


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