American Superstar R & B Singer, R Kelly Accused of Aggravating 14-year-old Cousin

According to the MTO website, the American superstar R & B, Robert Kelly (R. Kelly), who is often accused of pedophilia, is again accused by his own brother to have aggravated his cousin aged only 14 years.

In a recent interview with the American press, R Kelly’s brother Carey formally accuses his brother of having sex with their 14-year-old cousin. The facts would have happened several years ago, and would have even led the girl to become pregnant.

According to R Kelly’s brother, the singer took her to her room and closed the door. Carey claims that he later learned that R Kelly had sex with this cousin and that she later had a child. Carey believes the child is from R Kelly, even though no DNA testing has been done.


“Robert has a control problem. Now that I’m older, I understand the reasons that drive him to target little girls. He was struck in his childhood. But I too was molested, and I never behaved that way, “ explains Carey Kelly, who refuses to defend the indefensible: ” I became a protector of children. I did not want children to go through what I went through, especially my daughters, “ explains the man.

Continuing, Carey Kelly reveals she has “no animosity” towards her brother, however, judging the behavior of the latter “demonic” towards underage girls: “Whenever a person is attracted to a minor, it is because Something is wrong, “ says Robert Kelly’s brother, urging his brother to be helped.

Carey claims her brother “lost his head” after losing his mother and Aaliyah, and was acquitted in a child pornography case in 2008. The two brothers apparently got into a physical fight at some point, after Carey allegedly faced R. Kelly on the fact that he likes underage girls.


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