American Singer Usher Finally Opens Up On The Various Allegations Levied Against Him Lately

Usher simply retorted at the two ladies and a man who guaranteed he infected them with  genital herpes and he says it’s all ruse.

Usher’s lawyers quite recently recorded a reaction to the California herpes claim. He denies everything, particularly, their cases: he had rejected insinuations that he was with them, and the claim he exposed them to herpes.

One of the ladies, Quantasia Sharpton, said in a news meeting with her attorney, Lisa Bloom, she didn’t contract herpes when she professedly had intercourse with him subsequent to celebrating her nineteenth birthday at a Usher show, however she asserts he exposed her to STD.


Usher, through his legal counselors Laura Wasser and Zia Modabber, additionally raises an intriguing contention against them saying the 3 offended parties can’t win since they have “unclean hands.” That implies he’s affirming they were not entirely free of allegations too

And there’s this, Usher claims the 2 women and the man don’t have a legal claim because anything Usher might have done was unintentional. The intimation- if he had herpes, he didn’t know it at the time.

And finally he says if he did have sex with them they “assumed the risk” again, the intimation is that they assume the risk of contracting an STD.


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