American Singer R. Kelly Accused of Having an Affair With a Sheriff’s Wife

Kenny Bryant is the sheriff of Mississippi in the United States who filed a lawsuit against the American singer R. Kelly who blames him for having an affair with his wife. Judge Adrienne Wooten in charge of the case has waived presiding over a lawsuit. The judge filed a recusal order stating that she granted Kenny Bryant’s motion and withdrew from the record because of her previous knowledge of the alleged R. Kelly case.

It is therefore another judge who will be in charge of the case. In January, Sheriff Kenny Bryant filed documents seeking the resignation of Judge Wooten. The man explains that she spoke to the judge at the time while she was still a lawyer.

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The purpose was ” to obtain advice on his marriage regarding his wife’s affair with R. Kelly. He wanted to know the procedure for a probable divorce and whether or not she would represent him in this divorce, and whether to consider a lawsuit against R. Kelly.

The judge who presided over the case at the time retired and was replaced by Wooten last December. Kenny Bryant believes that no reasonable person could believe the impartiality of Judge  Adrienne Wooten in this case. Since at the time, she had refused to represent the sheriff as counsel solicited.

Bryant married Asia Childress on July 15, 2012. He said he knew his wife had already had an affair with Kelly before their wedding, but was told it was over. He said the marriage was good until Kelly came back into his wife’s life.

Bryant claims that Kelly was involved in an intimate extramarital affair with Childress in October 2012. She attended her concert a few months after their wedding.

The Sheriff accuses the singer of having an affair with his wife for five years. Bryant even says that R.Kelly gave his wife a Chlamydia during their affair (Kelly denies having an affair with Childress).

Bryant’s wife even suggested to her husband that they move to Georgia at some point, but Bryant claims to have done so to get closer to Kelly.

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