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American Singer, Katy Perry: “Donald Trump’s Election Is A Trauma”!!


The American singer, Katy Perry has never been for the election of Donald Trump at the head of the United States. She has very badly experienced this election. Today she returns to this painful moment.

As soon as the presidential campaign was launched, Katy Perry was one of those many artists who did not hide their position with regard to businessman Donald Trump.

After fervently supporting Hilary Clinton, the singer participated in women’s march, the resistant march of women after the election of one who was decried for its many slippages.


For a few weeks, the star has released a single Chained to the rhythm whose lyrics and video denounce a decline in democracy in the United States, which no one seems to notice. At the Brit Awards ceremony, she even performed this song alongside a giant skeleton by Donald Trump. Questioned by Vogue magazine she came back on the election of the latter, which she badly lived.

”  I was really demoralized for a while. It caused a lot of trauma for me. Misogyny and sexism were part of my childhood. I have a big problem with repressive men and with not being seen as equal  , “she said. For Katy Perry, an artist must be committed to even a minimum. ”  If you do not defend anything, you’re only there for your interests ,” she said.


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