American Singer and Actress, Cher, Says Trump Will Still be Petty and Vengeful…

American singer and performing artist, Cher, says Donald Trump would not dispose of his negative properties should he rise president of the United States.

Trump is creeping near a noteworthy triumph over Hillary Clinton, hopeful of the Democratic party.

As reality unfolded that Trump may win – particularly in the wake of winning Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Utah – a down and out Cher was imagined leaving Javits Center, New York, which houses Clinton supporters.

After her exit, Cher went on a Twitter rant to vent her frustration.

The singer’s anger was directed at the other two presidential candidates in the race, Gary Johnson of Libertarian party and Jill Steen of Green party.

Cher believes Johnson and Steen could have helped avert a potential Trump presidency.

In a series of tweets, Cher said: “If Trump wins, he will still be what he is now… petty, vengeful, coward. As Germany was in the 30s, there’s an anger, a rage, that has consumed our USA.

“Ask yourself, did I do all I could have done? It’s a good lesson. We are still trying to have hope… saw Brexit rip Great Britain apart in one night

“Imbecile Gary Johnson brings down the world because of narcissism and ignorance… Jill, you’re worthless, you could have saved us. Why didn’t you?

“The world will never be the same. I feel sad for the young,” she added.

Born Cherilyn Sarkisian, the singer has been a vocal supporter of Clinton since the election campaign commenced, especially on social media.

“If he [Trump] were to be elected, I’m moving to Jupiter,” the singer had tweeted last year.

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