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American Rapper, 2 Chainz Creates Church, Clinic And Salon In His House!!

Indeed, the fun didn’t stop! At this point in life, a lot of discovery has already been made. I mean the discovery of the wheel, vehicle, and computer were done a long time ago. So what we are remaining with is being creative and improving on the already existing. That why you see Bill Gates and Larry Page making billions of dollars just because of “creativity.”

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But if you can still discover something new, then well and good.

The recent person to remind us that creativity doesn’t only remain in the technological field, but can be exempted to other aspects of life too, is 2 Chainz.

To promote his fourth studio album—‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music,” 2 Chainz came up with a genius idea of creating a pop-up shop resembling a trap house, where his fans could experience all kind of Instagram-worthy activities and events. The term “trap” originates from Atlanta, referring to not only drug dens where deals were made, but a sub-genre of Southern hip-hop as well.


Fans who lined around the blocks of SoHo in New York were treated to the usual pop-up experience: various merchandise and a listening session—for a chance to meet the rapper. Thousands of fans flooded the pop-up in Atlanta, which featured a nail salon with available merchandise. Some fans even came as far as from Australia to experience the event, according to Atlanta’s ‘WXIA.’

But, during the last days of the pop-up, star 2 Chainz had one more move to show the crowd. He turned the pop-up trap house into—a church on Sunday; and on Monday, a free clinic—where fans got educated and tested for STDs.

And after recognizing the star’s creativity, the pastor who had an opportunity to share “the word,” with the star’s fans, went on to tell the world about the remarkable event.

“I appreciate 2 Chainz and his whole team for putting this room up since in a lot of respects; it is reminding people that this’s a real thing in our city,” said Pastor Michael Wortham to a local station ‘Fox 5 Atlanta’. “people usually come and take pics, post it up on Instagram and march away, but there are many people who cannot walk away from this daily reality.”

Although the lease on the house which was used for the pop-up was to expire on July 7, 2 Chainz’s team said they were “considering extending it for another run.”

For sure, this was a party of a century!


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