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American Journalist Burst Into Tears When Describing Migrant Baby Camps (Video)

While presenting Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, American journalist Rachel Maddow could not hold back her tears when she spoke about the children of migrants, including babies who were separated. from their parents in the United States and sent to the transit camps, some kind of “tender-age” shelters.

This is a subject that has obviously affected the journalist enormously to the point where she burst into tears in front of the child in full direct. She was unable to continue the presentation because the pain of what was happening with the migrants was very strong.

On her Twitter account, the journalist apologized to the millions of viewers for having cracked this way and transcribed in writing the dispatch she was about to read on television. A short text informing about the existence in the United States of baby camps on the Mexican border.


The day before, it was Melania Trump who had stepped up to denounce the separation of the parents of their children. Melania Trump had said  “hate seeing children separated from their families and hopes that both sides of the Congress will finally be able to agree on a successful immigration reform , 

The First Lady of the United States added  “She thinks we must be a country that respects all laws but also a country that governs with heart.”

It must be said that it is a first to see Melania Trump openly taking position.


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