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American Billionaire Bill Gates: “We Would Like to Have More Partners Like Aliko Dangote”

Bill Gates lamented the lack of philanthropists in Nigeria’s health sector. He said his foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, would like to work in partnership with Nigerian philanthropists like Aliko Dangote.

In an interview with Vanguard, he revealed that around the world, Dangote is one of the key partners of his foundation.


According to Bill Gates, developing a partnership with several philanthropists will improve health care, especially in northern Nigeria.

“I have been fortunate to meet other Nigerians but, in fact, Dangote is the only one I know who is working to improve this key sector. There are certainly other people working in sectors such as education and the environment, but these are not our areas of intervention. When I travel, I try to meet successful people and tell them that philanthropy can be a good thing. ”

“I was looking at the list of wealthy people in Nigeria and I noticed that a number of them are based in London. We need partners, especially if they understand local issues and how the government works. We would like to have more partners like Dangote, “said the founder of Microsoft.


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